Jennifer Garner, 50, Rocks Toned Legs And A New Haircut In Pics

  • Jennifer Garner just showed off her super toned legs in a suit and some chic shorts.
  • The 50-year-old actress has made no secret of how hard she works out at the gym to shape her legs, sharing workouts on her Instagram and TikTok.
  • Jen also loves to bake, and even has her own “Pretend Cooking Show,” where she posts fun new recipes for her fans to try.

Jennifer Garner is a very, Very busy woman. She juggles career, family, pretend cooking shows and her company, Once Upon a Farm. But she's also passionate about philanthropy, as Jen loves giving back, and she sure looks good when she does.

The 50-year-old attended the Big Brothers Big Sisters event in Greater Los Angeles over the weekend in a simple beige shorts suit, complete with miles of toned legs. Oh, and Jennifer ~also~ debuted a new short hairstyle that completed the look perfectly.

Here's a recap of Jen's red carpet appearance, in case you haven't noticed:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles bbbsla host

Jennifer Garner attends a charity event in November.

Emma McIntyre//Getty Images

Okay, but back to those strong legs…if you're wondering how she got sculpted like this, then you're not alone. Jennifer is sure to share little clips here and there on Instagram, letting everyone see her intense fitness routine. And I'll be the first to say there are definitely some leg burners in the mix.

Back in September, Jen posted a video of her jumping up to 33 inches in the air — but before that, she pointed out that it was a bit — totally hard to pull off. “33” is high. 🐸,” she wrote in the caption. In the video, Jennifer stands next to a tower of upholstered blocks, pulls herself together, then jumps into the air, lands on the tower on her knees, and collapses. “so high! But, in the next clip, as people cheer in the background, she leaps all the way to the top, landing on both feet. It takes some serious leg strength.

In June, she returned to those blocks with an impressive hop series that leaves you feeling wiped, just watching it. Jen jumps off one block, onto the ground, and then another block like it's nothing. This is followed by Jennifer doing donkey kicks on a trampoline, and then doing some incredibly intricate jumping sequences using the trampoline and another block. Basically…her legs get regular high-intensity workouts while also doing things that elevate her heart rate for a good cardio workout.

Jennifer's coach, Beth Nicely, told shape Earlier this year, her famous client “likes to work really hard” and is “a professional athlete within her physical capabilities.” These two excel at doing plyometric box jumps (that's what you just saw), strength training arm exercises, and plank variations.

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When it comes to her diet, Jen tells women's health She really loves to bake (I mean, have you seen her “pretend cooking show”?!) and she eats what she makes. Sometimes, she even grows what she eats. Jennifer also opened up about the fact that she relies on celebrity nutrition guru Kelly LeVeque for her top nutrition tips. LeVeque is all about the big four, which is protein, fat, fiber, and vegetables at every meal.

In the morning, Jennifer's favorite is LeVeque's Be Well Smoothie, which contains collagen, flax and chia seeds, almond butter, almond milk, spinach and blueberries. Um!

Crush it, Jen!

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