“It Tastes Good, Then I Just Spit it Out” : Charles Barkley Talks Extreme Weight Loss Measures to Meet His Target of Losing 85 Pounds

There are many NBA stars who have faced weight issues during and after their NBA careers. Charles Barkley, one of the greatest men of all time, was ridiculed for his weight. Throughout his career, questions surrounding his fitness have surrounded Chuck despite his dominance. Gaining almost 100 pounds after retiring and being surrounded by Shaquille O'Neal and his jokes certainly didn't help.

Chuck's weight also seems to have contributed to some health issues as he got older. Naturally, medical advice and common sense gave Buckley the need to lose weight.According to the man himself, the doctor also specified a goal – 85 pounds, which is

Losing 85 pounds is no small feat, and Barkley's challenge is no secret. Conan O'Brien was evident, at least in his reaction to Barkley's statement. Out of curiosity, Conan sparks a conversation about how Chuck intends to make it happen.

One of Barkley's methods certainly seemed unconventional and disgusting. Chuck no longer eats delicious food. No, the man decided to do more…instead, he resented it.

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Instead of eating gourmet food, Charles Barkley chews the dish to savor its flavors.

Given his weight issues, it's only natural to assume Barkley is someone with an affinity for the culinary world. For someone so inclined, sacrificing good food must have felt especially painful. After all, what good is one's million-dollar savings without good food?

Leaving gourmet food entirely is definitely an impossible request. But with health issues also reaching worrisome levels and his doctor's demands drastically reduced, Chuck is forced to get creative. Here's his take on the matter.

If it tastes good, I spit it out. “

Chew your food to let the flavors in. Swallowing it allows it to enter a person's system. So, the easy solution is to chew instead of swallow. That's exactly what describes Chuck's ingenious way of losing weight while simultaneously tantalizing his tastebuds with the good things in the world.

Exercising like a “mom” and juicing up delicious food helped Buckley on his weight loss journey. We wish the former MVP as soon as possible as he reaches his doctor's goal weight. Maybe one day the pain of not actually eating good food will be easier.

So going through the ordeal of being overweight is a topic Chuck is very aware of. Probably why TNT co-anchor Shaquille O'Neal's direction of raising awareness about his overweight in the Chuckiest way is constantly mocked.

Charles Barkley even called the Big Diesel a “fat b*tch” on live television.

The two Hall of Famers may be on different sides in the debate about their championship pedigree, but both have seen fairly similar trajectories when it comes to excess weight. Naturally, they're all ready for their weight-related quips.

Chuck, the older of the two, even called his younger partner a “fat ass” during the live stream. To add fuel to the fire, Chuck mentioned Shaq's ring, since at least one absolute superstar shooting guard has O'Neal's “fat ass.” If anything, it's a double whammy.Definitely not something beef worthy, considering that at Inside the NBA.

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