Is Charles Barkley Married? Who is the Former ‘Weight Loss Machine Model’ Maureen Blumhardt?

charles barkley is one of the most popular names NBA Community. Since 2000, the player-turned-analyst has been one of the NBA's leading personalities on TNT. Barkley was a familiar face, known for his outspokenness, and he certainly found success even after he retired from the NBA. However, his legacy as a player remains unforgettable.

A Philadelphia 76ers legend, Barkley was nicknamed “The King of Rebounds” due to his size and dominance as a rebounder. At 6-foot-6, Barkley was shorter than most power forwards of his era. In a league dominated by big men, Barkley has found a way to dominate the 4 even when he's a few inches shorter than his rivals. Of course, his weight didn't help either. But Barkley shone brightly, and to this day is one of the best forwards the league has ever seen.

Barkley finds his success in an era that athletes love magic johnson Enjoy all the attention they can get from women. But Buckley, uncharacteristically, found Maureen Bloomhart and married her.

The Story of Charles Barkley and Maureen Bloomhart

Charles Barkley met Maureen Blumhardt at a restaurant in Pennsylvania. The two reportedly began dating in the '80s, but there are no specific dates. Maureen is a weightlifting model and legal aid. Considering Barkley is often criticized for his weight, his relationship with the weight loss machine is certainly iconic.

But luckily, Buckley and Maureen braved all the sarcasm and hatred and came together. Barkley is a black athlete, while Maureen is a white athlete. Back in the '90s, the couple faced racial discrimination because of their relationship. In fact, Barkley was furious after Philly fans hurled racist slurs at him about his marriage to Maureen. Despite the challenges, the two managed to maintain a married relationship for over 3 years. Maureen and Buckley also have a daughter. Charles Barkley famously claims he named his daughter Christiana after a mall in Delaware.

Christiana, 33, is also getting married in 2021. Apparently, she met her husband Elijah Hoffman while watching a basketball game in a bar. Hoffman, who was born in Russia, was not a sports fan, but fell in love with Christiana immediately. Elijah and Christiana also have a little boy named Henry. Barkley even once admitted that Henry was the greatest thing that happened to him in his life. It's nice to see Buckley loving his grandson, even though he likes to call him “fucking little Henry.”

In an interview with Golf Channel, Barkley gleefully spoke of his adorable grandson: “This is the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. I am so proud of my daughter and her husband Elijah. It's crazy, the best thing that's ever happened to me. It's incredible. I spent the night with him that night and I held him the whole time. He's sleeping and it's really cool. Being a grandpa is the greatest thing ever. It's so cool. “

Although Buckley's married life with Maureen Blumhart might seem like a dream at first glance, it's not. Barkley, despite his love of the slimming machine model, has been accused of infidelity on several occasions.

Barkley accused of betraying Maureen

In 1993, about four years after Barkley and Maureen were married, rumors arose about a relationship between Madonna and the 76ers star. The legendary pop star caused a stir after claiming in an interview that she wanted Barkley's baby. When asked who she wanted to have children with, Madonna chose Buckley and revealed her reasons.

Madonna: “Charles Barkley is God. Denzel Washington is married, you know? I think Charles might be married. Look, the good ones are taken away…but that doesn't mean they can't be yours child!”

Madonna's comments sparked widespread rumors of a possible extramarital affair. Buckley tried his best to refute the rumors, insisting his innocence. However, the damage has already been done. Rumors managed to convince the public of Barkley's “disloyalty.” In fact, however, it's not certain whether Buckley and Madonna dated.

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