Inside SoCal: Regaining Health & Joy (3/12)

Inside SoCal: Regaining Health and Joy (3/12)

Inside SoCal: Regaining Health and Joy (3/12)


With Dignity Health's bariatric surgery program, you'll be on your way to an incredible weight loss journey.

Dignity Health's Weight Loss Programs and Clinics

Sponsored by Dignity Health

If you're looking to change your life through surgical weight loss, Dignity Health invites you to visit their weight loss team to see what your future holds and how you can achieve your goals. Dignity Health Network has three Centers of Excellence, which means they can provide the best possible care for obese patients.

The professionals at Dignity Health Southern California are eager to support your efforts. if you:

100 lbs over ideal body weight

· BMI of 40 or above

· Tried various weight loss programs without lasting success

· Want to lose weight for health reasons

To get started and/or learn more about Dignity Health's Weight Loss Program, click here.

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