Inside Rosie O’Donnell’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Rosie O'Donnell has been a staple of American film and television since the 1980s. The 60-year-old had her breakthrough TV show in the '80s, search starbefore going on to host the daytime talk show of the same name, The Rosie O'Donnell Showwhich earned her nearly a dozen Emmys and largely swelled her net worth to its current $120 million.

Sadly, these laudable accomplishments didn't save O'Donnell from personal and professional struggles. Not only has the 50-year-old woman had to deal with endless scandals throughout her career, she's also endured a messy high-profile divorce, the death of her father, and a strained relationship with daughter Chelsea. Despite these stressors, O'Donnell always made her health a priority, losing nearly half her body weight in just ten years.So, how exactly is it done Rossi Live The star came up with such a remarkable lifestyle transformation? Read on to find out.

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8 When did Rosie O'Donnell's weight problems start?

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Rosie O'Donnell began flexing her comedic talents as far back as 1979, having struggled with weight issues for much of her life.when things get scary Rossi Live The star hit the 200-pound mark at the age of 35.

“I've been trying all my life,” she saidpeople 2015. Before that, I was about 175 years old, a league of their ownor 170. I was over 200 when I got my show. It's stressful, stressful. “

7 Rosie O'Donnell suffered a heart attack in 2012

Despite being dangerously overweight, O'Donnell's turning point didn't come until 2012, when she suffered a heart attack from a severely clogged artery. Following the life-threatening surgery, O'Donnell realized she had to take drastic steps to address her weight issues.

“I had a heart attack at 50,” she said. “When I woke up, they said, ‘You should be dead.' The doctors said, ‘We need you to lose 50 pounds. Next year, but you can't have surgery or anything next year because you had a heart attack.”

6 Rosie O'Donnell had vertical sleeve surgery in 2013

While Rosie O'Donnell's blocked artery was eventually corrected with surgery, the former landscape The moderator is still at risk of another heart attack; according to her doctors, that possibility is almost guaranteed to be fatal. So, a year after her heart attack, the famous talk show host underwent vertical sleeve surgery, which shrunk her stomach down to about three or four ounces, curbing excess food intake.

“A year after my heart attack, I had vertical sleeve surgery because my doctor said if I didn't I would have another heart attack,” she revealed to people 2015. “And there's a good chance I won't survive.”

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5 Rosie O'Donnell loses over 60 pounds after vertical sleeve surgery

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Rosie O'Donnell lost weight dramatically after her vertical sleeve surgery, losing over 60 pounds in just one year. However, the award-winning talk show often points out that, contrary to popular belief, weight loss surgery is not a one-time fix.

“Everyone has to deal with it in a way that suits them, [but] Once you have surgery, it's not a panacea,” she said in 2015. “It's still hard. You had to risk your life, and for months you were in a state of severe discomfort, which forced you to change behavior that you were unable to change before. “

4 Rosie O'Donnell's surgery changed her relationship with food

After surgery, Rosie O'Donnell no longer has to deal with an incredibly problematic relationship with food.

“They told me that the part of the stomach they removed contained a hunger hormone called ghrelin,” she told people“It changes how you think and feel about food. I feel so much more free now in terms of needing to move and play with my kids.”

3 Rosie O'Donnell on losing weight

Rosie O'Donnell has made radical lifestyle changes to keep her weight issues from spiraling out of control again. After the heart attack, the 60-year-old adopted a healthier eating plan and started exercising regularly. O'Donnell also started taking an appetite suppressant in 2022, which has been very effective at suppressing her appetite.

“Two months ago my doctor put me on Mounjaro … and Repatha. One I do every other week and one I do weekly,” she told her TikTok followers in January. “My appetite has dropped significantly. I guess I'm taking medicine.”

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2 Rosie O'Donnell has also implemented some major lifestyle changes

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Rosie O'Donnell has also been keeping a close eye on her diet, especially her fluid intake. The award-winning talk show host recently ditched her favored drink, Diet Coke, for a healthier alternative, water. O'Donnell also stepped up her workouts and lost 10 pounds over the holidays.

“At Christmas, I don’t drink anything but water,” she explained to her TikTok followers. “One night I had a champagne toast, and one night I had alcohol, so it's not 100 percent.” “But I really don't drink five or six Diet Cokes a day anymore. I only drink water now. Maybe eat more sugar.”

1 Rosie O'Donnell's Weight Loss Journey Pays Off on Multiple Fronts

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Rosie O'Donnell's lifestyle changes are paying off big. After her miraculous transformation in 2013, i will do anything The star no longer has to deal with some of the weight-related health challenges she's taken for granted. Plus, O'Donnell no longer needs to be publicly shamed for being overweight.

“I no longer have sleep apnea,” she revealed in 2015. “I can run and play with the kids, or put on a bathing suit. In America, it’s not easy being so fat that everyone dares to laugh at you. When I get into a war of words with some Republican candidates, it’s always the first thing to say One of the things. And now it's like a different reality. We'll see how long it lasts”

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