I had a major glow up – I lost weight and ‘fixed my face,’ people say I’m ‘truly peaking in my 30s’

A 31-year-old woman believes that her past self was “simple” and “normal” compared to how she looks now.

The lifestyle creator with more than 174,000 TikTok followers shares her appearance transformation, including weight loss and Botox.

TikToker Malibu Toast shares how she looked in her 20s compared to now, starting with a photo of her at 22


TikToker Malibu Toast shares how she looked in her 20s compared to now, starting with a photo of her at 22Image credit: TikTok/malibutoast
Malibu Toast calls itself


Malibu Toast calls itself “simple” and “normal” in this photoImage credit: TikTok/malibutoast

Malibu Toast (@malibutoast) posted a video showing viewers how her look has changed since she was 22 years old.

First, the Ohio-born woman showed a photo of herself working as a cashier at Whole Foods.

Malibu Toast has acne scars and redness on the lower half of his face. She has no makeup on, her skin is bare, and her hair is loose on one side.

Next, she switches to a photo of her in her 20s working as a yoga studio instructor.

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Her dress is as conservative as it was in the Whole Foods days.

She wore a high-necked black dress that drowned out her figure.

“So, yes, this is for my sister's wife,” declared Malibu Toast.

“As most of you know, I did change my face. So here I am again at 22.”

The photo becomes an outdoor scene, zooming in on her face.

She has a big smile, full cheeks and a button nose. “The nose is sniffing, the eyes are staring,” says Malibu Toast.

At 25, Malibu Toast's face thinned, but her eyes remained sunken.

“I'm just a simple, normal girl from Ohio,” she exclaimed, showing a photo of her in a ponytail and white dress.

“Here I am, 31 years old, on a random weekday afternoon.”

Malibu Toast sits upright in the front seat of her car. She was wearing a black button-down shirt, and her skin was smooth and shiny.

The proud woman admitted: “The reason I shine with you is because you can change your life.

“Of course, what you can see is, I fix my face, I fix my fashion.”

But Malibu Toast stresses that she has done “inner and outer work” to become someone in her 30s.

Awed viewers hailed Malibu Toast's journey of mind and body transformation.

One fan wrote: “Wow. I love how we really hit our peak in our 30s. Those who say our peak is in our 20s are lying!”

A curious fan asked: “How did you fix it? Are you talking about fillers, surgery, etc? No judgment just really love the glow.”

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“Just fillers and Botox,” Malibu Toast replied.

One thoughtful follower noted: “You haven't fixed anything…you haven't broken. But you're beautiful both ways!”

She thinks she looks like a


She thinks she looks like a “sister-in-law”Image credit: TikTok/malibutoast
Now, at 31, she's lost weight, got Botox and adjusted her mindset


Now, at 31, she's lost weight, got Botox and adjusted her mindsetImage credit: TikTok/malibutoast

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