How do I get my girlfriend to look for a job?

Dear Harriet: My girlfriend feels trapped in her current job.

She has an impressive résumé and I know she's overqualified for her current job. Anyone would hire someone like her.

She doesn't want to have no income, but I can see how miserable this current job is for her.

I don't know how to convince her. How can I encourage her to start her journey to at least find a job?

leap of faith

Dear Leap of Faith: While your girlfriend might be up to her job, it sounds like she needs some confidence to push the next step.

Start by encouraging her to update her resume. Ask her to talk to you so she can speak out about her qualifications, what she's learned, and where she can go. She is advised to look for jobs in her area of ​​interest on LinkedIn.

She can conduct virtual job interviews to see what's going on outside. She can consider it a fun activity to discuss their work with potential employers and how she might fit in. If she starts the conversation purely to explore, the performance pressure goes away.

Encourage her to take this step. This can help her build the confidence to take action.

Dear Harriet: I have been dealing with many health challenges over the years. No one in my life really understands them.

I take my meds and keep in touch with my doctor, but I haven't done the exercise or body maintenance I promised for the past year. I'm doing well, but I know I can do better.

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