Here’s How She Lost 32 Kg In Some Months Without Any Dietician

Bhumi Pednekar's weight loss journey: Here's how she lost 32kg in months without any nutritionist

Popular actress Bhumi Pednekar made her Bollywood debut with this film, dumlagak sea sand, In 2015, and later in movies such as Toilets: Ek Prem Katha, Badhaai Do, Pati Patni Or Woh, Govinda Naam Mera and many others. Bhumi is way ahead in the professional world and has many projects for her kittens.

Apart from her acting spree, Bhumi Pednekar has also made headlines for her massive weight loss. For the uninitiated, the actress stunned everyone with her dramatic transformation in just a few months. Needless to say, every bit of Bhumi's weight loss journey has been inspiring, and it's hard not to guzzle over her. So, if you want to lose weight like Bhumi, we have you covered!

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Bhumi Pednekar puts on weight for her debut, dumlajak sea sand

Bhumi Pednekar dreamed of being an actor since childhood and becoming an actress. However, being a bit overweight limited her from realizing her lifelong dream. Luckily, she got a job as an Assistant Casting Director at Yash Raj Films, which led her into the film industry. Soon, Bhumi got a movie offer, dumlagak sea sand, But she was told to gain weight because she had to play the role of Ayushmann Khurrana's fat wife.

Bhumi, who weighed about 70kg at the time, had to put on an extra 15kg to prepare for the role. While she was excited about her first movie, at the same time she was given the best chance to gain weight eating her favorite foods in six months. She used to consume 800 calories a day and ended up weighing 85kg. Later, Bhumi Pednekar wowed the audience with his role as the overweight newlywed bride in the movie and got a lot of praise and recognition.

Bhumi Pednekar's Weight Loss Journey

Soon after making his mark in the Bollywood film industry, Bhumi started getting a lot of movie offers. However, the most challenging task for her was losing the weight she gained from the movie, as the industry required her to look attractive. Therefore, in real life, she lost 32 kilograms, which surprised countless fans. Her slender, toned physique and chiseled jawline drew all eyes to how she managed to drop from 89kg to 57kg in less than a year with no surgery or diet. So, without further ado, let's have a look at Bhumi Pednekar's weight loss tips.

Bhumi Pednekar loses 32kg by removing sugar from diet


Bhumi Pednekar has lost 32kg without following popular commercial diets and eating whatever he wants. She is a big foodie, so she never deprives her taste buds of any goodness. She has ghee, butter, and buttermilk, but the only thing she removes from her diet is sugar. Additionally, she kept her carbohydrate intake in check while following her regular diet. Bhumi practices portion control and is very particular about not overeating. The actress also eats a cheat meal every five days.

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Bhumi Pednekar Never Sees a Dietitian or Nutritionist for Weight Loss

Surprisingly, Bhumi never went to a nutritionist or nutritionist for her weight loss journey. The actress whose jaw-dropping transformation revealed that it was her mother's vast knowledge of food and a little Googling helped her lose weight. Along with physical activity, Bhumi says eating simple, home-cooked meals is the most effective way to lose weight. The mother-daughter duo came up with a meal plan that would help her in the long run.

Bhumi Pednekar reveals how she has a strict diet and a sweet tooth

Bhumi Pednekar regularly posts on her Instagram account about her weight loss lifestyle and shares diet and lifestyle tips. The actress has a sweet tooth, but she still managed to reduce the amount of refined sugar in her diet. So instead of craving and depriving herself of sweetness, Bhumi looked for some healthier options. The actress calls natural sweeteners a boon and an affordable option, sharing:

“Raw honey is good for digestion and rich in zinc, potassium, calcium and vitamin B6. Add it to your nimbu paani, oats, even milk. You can also add it to salad dressings. But please don't over heat Cook it because it loses flavor and nutrients. There’s maple syrup, coconut sugar, and a whole bunch of other natural sweeteners. But always remember that while these options are healthier, they still need to be eaten in moderation.”

Bhumi Pednekar drinks 7 liters of water a day to lose weight

Water is one of the key elements of Bhumi's weight loss journey, as the actress makes sure to drink at least 7 liters of water a day. However, she also experimented a bit and came up with an interesting detox water recipe. Bhumi's detox water consists of lemon juice, mint, cucumber and some fresh water, which she drinks throughout the day. Bumi revealed:

“I discovered something called detox water. It cleanses and detoxifies your body. Not only does lemon cleanse your body, it also makes it alkaline. It also boosts your immunity. Peppermint helps Digests and brings some sweetness to drinks without adding sugar. Cucumber has several benefits – it’s good for your skin, it keeps your body hydrated, and it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Brief In short, it's good for you. Just take it out of the fridge after a few hours, strain the liquid, then put it in your straw and keep sipping…that's one of the things I've tried. ”

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Bhumi Pednekar's Weight Loss Diet Plan

Bhumi Pednekar has been showing off her distinctive toned physique and everyone is obsessed with her transformation. Since everyone was wondering if the actress opted for some pills or a fad diet, she decided to share her meal plan with her fans. Bhumi started posting a series of photos to reveal her diet plan to lose more than 30kg in a few months. So, let's take a look at what the actress ate during the day to lose weight.

Bhumi Pednekar's Breakfast Ritual

Bhumi Pednekar starts her morning with a glass of warm or detox water, and thirty minutes later, she eats muesli with skim milk and flax or sunflower seeds. Some time later, the actress enjoyed a king-size breakfast that consisted of whole grain bread, two egg white omelettes and fruit. Bhumi starts her day with breakfast, which she makes sure to eat an hour before her workout.

Bhumi Pednekar's Lunch and Healthy Meals

Bhumi Pednekar also advises her fans on how to make healthy meals and lose weight easily. She eats simple, homemade wholesome meals including roti, Sabzi and Dar. However, the twist is that she barbecue not made from wheat, but from bajra jowar nachni soybean chana or Rajgira. Sometimes, she also blends all of these grains together to make a powerful multigrain barbecue rather than using them individually.Also, her Dar have Tadka and Sabzi Cook in olive oil used in moderation. She also consumes homemade curd or buttermilk.

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Dinner recommended by Bhumi Pednekar

Dinner at Bhumi Pednekar is light and simple, starting around 7pm. The actress ate a large salad full of vegetables, an apple and some walnuts or dried berries. She dresses the salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or some olive oil with garlic and mustard for extra flavor. To make dinner interesting, she sometimes adds grilled chicken or feta.By 8:30pm, she has dinner, usually grilled fish or grilled chicken, when she wants a vegetarian dinner, she eats grilled or lightly pan-cooked cheese/tofu, fried in small cups or steamed Vegetable brown rice or thin grains barbecue.

Bhumi Pednekar's Weight Loss Snack Ideas

Snacks are important to everyone, but be sure to choose healthier options. The same is true for Bhumi Pednekar, who is very mindful of her snack choices. Around 4pm, she eats half a papaya or an apple/pear/guava, followed by a cup of green tea with a few almonds or walnuts. To lose weight, Bhumi swapped out her biscuits, Curry puffAnd cappuccino with fruit, nuts and green tea.

Bhumi Pednekar's Fitness Program

In addition to eating right, Bhumi Pednekar believes in exercising to lose fat and increase lean muscle mass. Bhumi prefers to alternate cardio and weightlifting at the gym to improve her muscle mass, tone her body, and improve muscle strength and explosiveness. She also emphasizes moving around rather than sitting in one place for too long. Bhumi opens up time and time again about healthy living and clean eating. In an interview with The Indian Express, the actress spoke about her fitness routine, saying:

“I walk as often as I can. Sometimes I just go for a run, or I sit for 45 minutes at work. So, I don't really have a hard rule. One thing I stick to is going to the gym at least five times. Contrary to what a lot of people think women don't Instead of lifting weights, I've seen a difference in my weight training regimen. My posture has improved, and my soreness and injuries have decreased.”

Bhumi Pednekar believes that self-acceptance and healthy eating are keys to healthy transformation. Therefore, one should always try to try healthier alternatives and understand what one's body needs. So, do you too want to lose weight like Bhumi and follow her diet plan and fitness routine?

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