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Healthy is in the Head: Consumers Put Feelings Over Physical – 2022 Report Uncovers New Opportunities for Positioning Healthy Products –

Dublin –(Business Wire)–“Health is in the mind: Consumers put their senses over their bodies – 2022 report” report has been added to's supply.

Health is no longer rooted in the body. Consumers now see emotional wellbeing as the cornerstone of wellness – fueling a greater desire for mental strength, feeling confident and reducing stress. The analyst explores new definitions of wellness around the world, uncovering new opportunities to position wellness products.

This report delves into this topic globally, regionally and in 23 countries to help companies better understand shopper motivations and attitudes. This enables them to connect more powerfully with their targets and deliver market solutions faster and more profitably.

Markets include:

  • North America: United States and Canada

  • Latin America: Brazil and Mexico

  • Europe: France, Germany, UK and Russia

  • Middle East and Africa: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Nigeria

  • South Asia: India and Pakistan

  • East Asia Pacific: Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam

Topics covered:

Redefining health – how the mind is moving to the forefront

  • How many consumers consider good mental/emotional health to be an important contributor to their overall health? How does it compare to other key aspects of diet, active lifestyle and physical fitness?

  • What is the role of diet? How important are mood/emotional health benefits in their food and drink choices? Which markets are most concerned about the emotional benefits of diet?

good health in mind

  • How many consumers feel that their mindset/attitude has a big impact on their physical health? How does this differ around the world and across major demographics?

  • Are consumers taking back control over their health?

  • Do they think they have a lot of control over their health?

  • Are consumers feeling more or less in control since COVID-19?

  • What health issues are consumers most concerned about? Where are mental/mood problems (eg, anxiety, stress, memory, mood swings, lack of mental acuity or concentration) compared to other health problems?

  • Energy needs to evolve to feel good

Psychological benefits consumers are seeking

  • How many consumers are actively choosing food/drinks:

  • Help improve/enhance mood

  • reduce stress

  • Improve mental performance

  • Relax

  • How do the mental/emotional benefits compare to other functional food benefits consumers are looking for? Which markets and presentations focus the most on the psychological benefits of food and beverages?

  • Are mental benefits a key driver of the ‘enhanced beverage' trend? How many consumers are interested in psychological benefits (e.g. stress, concentration, etc.) when choosing a beverage?

Children's Emotional Health

  • How concerned are parents about their children's emotional health (eg, stress, anxiety, and depression)? Where does it rank compared to other health problems for children? How does the focus differ around the world and in key demographics?

  • How many children are personally affected by emotional health issues?

Target Profile: Emotional Food Consumers

  • Explore a segment of shoppers known as “emotional food consumers” to better understand their unique attitudes and needs. The group was presented globally and scaled in each region and country. We will uncover:

  • what their diet and lifestyle are like

  • their core motivations and barriers to healthy living

  • what they look for in food and drink

  • Interest in major dietary trends

  • Ingredient Opportunities

  • What are they looking for on the label?

  • What drives them to pay more?

  • and more!

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