Google’s Health Connect app beta is now ready for data-obsessed fitness buffs to try

Let you play data traffic police

Google and Samsung have been working hard to make the Wear OS 3 software worthwhile enough to put on the best smartwatch an Android user can get. One of the main attractions as part of the improvement plan is the all-in-one admin center that lets users decide what to do with all the fitness and health data they generate. The hub, better known as Health Connect, is now available for wearers to download and use in beta.

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Health Connect lets you, the consumer, act as the middleman between all the ways you generate data (whether it's picked up by sensors or information you enter yourself) and the apps and services you use to understand and act on it. For smartwatches and For fitness equipment manufacturers as well as application developers, the new API regime simplifies what they need to do to allow users to insert and push data.

With Health Connect, users can switch which data is sent to which apps and see when apps are accessing that data. The data is divided into six categories and more than 40 types. Thirteen apps already support Health Connect, including Fitbit, Google Fit, Peloton, Samsung Health, and more. If you own any devices that interact with these apps or self-report information about them, you'll be able to manage where it goes (if it does go at all) through Health Connect.

While this new initiative is seen as an important boost in the development of Wear OS 3, users exercising Android benefit overall here. The app is now available on the Play Store.

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