Google launches app for cross-device Health and Fitness sync

Google's Health Connect app, which strives to be your one-stop hub for all your health, fitness, and wellness apps, is coming out of “early access” status and is now available in beta on the Play Store. Google announced the news in a blog post today, highlighting the app's benefits for developers and users, and announcing support from more fitness partners.

The app was originally announced at the Google I/O conference earlier this year as a new platform developed by Google and Samsung to create connections between apps so they can share user health and wellness across devices. fitness data. During Early Access, the app has some limited support from Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit (starting with version 3.69 of the app). However, now that it's in beta, it includes integrations with 10 more fitness apps, notably MyFitnessPal, Peloton, and WeightWatchers.

List of apps integrated with Health Connect (beta) as of today

In addition to the benefit of being able to manage all of your health data that those apps can enter data from, from one app, it also gives you a single place to manage your privacy settings. For developers, it reduces fragmentation. In the past, developers had to set up multiple API connections between apps to share data, and each integration was expensive to build and maintain, Google explained. This makes it difficult for users to access this data so they can use it in other applications, and for developers to share it.

Previously, users had to navigate to multiple apps to manage data permissions. Also, developers have to build the permission management UI themselves.

With Health Connect, users can easily manage permissions in one place and see with granular control which apps are accessing data at any given time.

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Now, with Health Connect, If you complete your workouts on an app like Peloton, your Fitbit stats will reflect this and adjust your calories accordingly. The same goes for apps like MyFitnessPal, which already have some integrations built in, but now has more timely and accurate access to data.

The Health Connect app is available in beta on the Google Play store, but once installed, you won't see it in the app drawer, because it can only be opened from the Quick Settings tile. But when you first turn it on, it doesn't mean much if you haven't already set it up to access any of your existing health and fitness apps.

Fitbit users may find it useful to set access permissions in the Fitbit app by navigating to Settings > Health Connect and turning on the Sync with Health Connect option. After enabling the option, you will receive another prompt confirming that you want to enable this feature, followed by Android Privacy Settings.

If you use multiple devices or just use different apps to track your health and fitness, installing this app and continuing to setup might be the solution you've been looking for to have all your health data in one place. For example, even though I use Fitbit to log my workouts, I don't use Fitbit to log my meals.Finally, with this solution, I can see my calories burned in the Fitbit app without switching back and forth

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