GLP-1 Medications Now Available at Options Medical Weight Loss Clinics

Shana is just one GLP-1 success story!

“I'm so happy and excited to finally be amazed by my own skin.” -Shana, GLP-1 Patient

Options Medical Weight loss provides patients with proven customized medical weight loss solutions. GLP-1 drugs are now available as an option for patients looking to lose 15-20% of their body weight.

Since its launch in November 2022, GLP-1 has proven to be a powerful tool for many of our patients. In this video, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Katrina Mattingly explains how GLP-1 drugs can help patients lose weight.

Options Medical Weight Loss offers free metabolic testing and free consultations. Together, with the support of a board-certified obesity doctor, you will receive a customized plan designed to achieve your specific goals. Options offers a variety of scientifically proven solutions and offers different weight loss services including physician supervised programs, prescription weight loss pills, lipophilic injections, meal replacements and one-on-one weight loss consultations.

Patients can begin their journey by signing up for a free consultation on our website or by calling 888-405-LOSE (5673).

About Options Medical Weight Loss:

Options Medical Weight Loss was founded in Chicago, IL in 2014 and has since opened locations in Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and Arizona with continued plans to expand into more states. Options Medical Weight Loss has helped over 25,000 patients achieve their weight loss goals.

Learn what makes Options Medical Weight Loss different in this short video.

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