Fitness Studio Owner Helping Others With Weight Loss Journey

A Tulsa woman said her family has suffered from heart disease and she is doing everything in her power to stay healthy.

Marquita Owens has lost 70 pounds since starting her weight loss journey.

“I was getting ready to turn 40, and I was sick of the whole weight loss, weight gain series, so I challenged myself to work out for a whole year,” Owens said.

Marquita said she knew if she could work out for a year, she could do anything. She started cycling to lose weight and eventually took cycling lessons.

“I fell in love with cycling, so I wanted to change my life, and I ended up doing it,” Owens said.

Not only did she change her own life, but she also decided to help change the lives of others.

“We have a heart condition in our family and I don't have a grandchild right now, but I don't want my grandson to write on a piece of paper that I have a heart condition, so I want to change the way the blueprint looks,” Owens said.

After taking classes at the bike workshop, Marquita learned that the owner was selling the business, so she decided to buy it.

About five years after starting her weight-loss journey, Marquita became the owner of BluPrint Studio in Greenwood.

She said she wanted to inspire the people in her classes to feel motivated and believe that they could do anything in the world.

“I want to know what your life goals are and how can I help you achieve them?” Owens said.

Katrina Evans, who has been at Marquita's studio since it opened, says the vibe keeps her coming back often.

“I remember my first class, the way she talked and some of the things she said, it was really inspiring, what I needed at the time, that's what drew me to it in the first place,” Evans said.

She says she has people of all ages and backgrounds in her studio, and her goal is just to let them know that anything is possible.

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