FIT LILYWHITES Score Highest Weight Loss To Win EFL Cup Tickets – News

Preston North End Community and Education Trust [PNECET] The women's FIT LILYWHITES will travel to Wembley Stadium for the EFL Cup final after achieving the highest average weight loss of all 33 qualifier teams in the country.

Supported by the EFL Trust, FIT LILYWHITES is a free wellness program for men and women aged 35-65 looking to lose weight, improve their fitness and lead a more active lifestyle.

Over 12 weeks, they engaged in circuit training, walking, resistance band workouts, yoga, Zumba and rugby passing, while PNECET coaches supported them every step of the way.

In a group of 34 people, each person lost an average of 2.91 kg, and one of them lost the most weight, reaching 11.6 kg, which shows that the group has made great progress.

During the class, the group learned about the Eatwell guide, tips for healthy eating and taking care of mental health, and how to deal with setbacks. They also keep food diaries.

As a reward for their excellent progress and dedication, FIT LILYWHITES will travel to Wembley on Sunday 26 February to watch Manchester United take on Newcastle United in the EFL Cup Final (also known as the Carabao Cup), a match like no other . The experience of a lifetime.

Grace Birtwell, PNECET's health and wellbeing coordinator, said: “The ladies have achieved amazing things and we are very proud of one of them.”

“They are a motivated, helpful group who are passionate about physical activity and doing their best to improve their fitness.

“They are all very excited about this special day at Wembley and look forward to being together at the end of the programme.”

For more information on our FIT LILYWHITES terms, go to the Health and Wellbeing section at pnefc.net/pnecet or contact grace.birtwell@pne.com.

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