Do fitness trackers help with weight loss?

The problem isn't with fitness trackers, it's with human nature.

HOUSTON — Whether it's a Fitbit or an Apple Watch, it makes sense that tracking your movements could help you reach your fitness goals.

But according to the research, the reality is a bit different, and the problem isn't with fitness trackers, it's with human nature.

A study in The Lancet found that people who wore fitness trackers did a better job of increasing their physical activity than those who didn't, but it wasn't enough to lose weight or lower blood pressure.

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Another study from the University of Pittsburgh found that dieters who wore trackers actually lost less weight than those who didn't. That's because measuring something can actually change the way we approach it, according to The Washington Post. So instead of just going for a walk to get some fresh air, tracking activity makes us feel like we're working and reduces our enthusiasm for doing it.

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Of course, not all are the same, and understanding how your brain works can make your fitness tracker work better for you.

Some people react to competition among family and friends. Meanwhile, others find it best to reward when certain milestones are reached. No matter which strategy you choose, experts say having a good support system can make achieving your goals easier.

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