Dawn French debuts weight loss and hair transformation – fans react

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Pastor of Dimbley Star Dawn French looked slimmer than ever in her latest red carpet appearance, and fans have raved about it.

shake Brand New Bob Hairstyle, with bushy fringe that Claudia Winkleman would be proud of, Dawn accentuated her freshly trimmed figure in an all-black ensemble. “You look amazing! Love your hair and makeup, looks gorgeous!” one commented on Instagram.

Dawn French looks slim during an event

Another wrote: “Let me just say – you are the epitome of natural aging, stunning, gorgeous and inspiring,” while a third wrote: “You look absolutely stunning.”

Admittedly, Dawn looks beautiful, but her weight loss has nothing to do with looks, it's Linked to worrisome health problems.

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Dawn explained that she needed to lose weight before undergoing a hysterectomy due to her cancer scare, explaining that her doctors were convinced she had uterine cancer, prompting her to opt for the hysterectomy.

Dawn French loses weight for health reasons

Dawn lost 7.5 stone before undergoing surgery, taking her weight from 19 stone to 11.5 stone.

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“When I was getting ready for my hysterectomy, the doctors told me that if I could lose some weight before the surgery, they could do it with keyhole surgery and I'd be back in about three weeks,” she said. explain. “Otherwise it's a major operation and it takes three months to recover. So, I started putting a few stones in.”

“No wand,” she added. “Just tiny, uninteresting low-calorie diets and weeks and weeks of more walking. It was horrible. I lost seven and a half stone. I could have keyhole surgery. Great. That's all there was to it ,practical.”

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