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Capsiplex Burn is an all-natural thermogenic fat burner which suppresses appetite and cravings, promotes weight loss, and boosts energy levels.


If you’re on a weight loss journey and you’re looking for an organic supplement to boost your efforts, Capsiplex Burn is a potent, healthy option.

This formula speeds up the metabolism for rapid fat burning, suppresses hunger, and provides you added energy which may extend your workout. 

Manufactured by a UK-based health and wellness company also called Capsiplex Burn, many customers have raved about the weight loss and health benefits of this supplement. Click Here to Buy Capsiplex Burn

Is Capsiplex Burn Safe?

The Burn by Capsiplex ingredients list includes only pure organic ingredients, and is free of  artificial or chemical preservatives or additives. The supplement does have some caffeine, but it’s free of common allergens like gluten, soy, and dairy and vegan friendly. 

The product is quite safe and should lead to minimal side effects. In addition, the manufacturing takes place in an FDA-certified facility following struct safety standards. Buy a Bottle Now on the Offical Site

How Does Capsiplex Burn Work?

Burn by Capsiplex contains ingredients like caffeine, black pepper, and capsaicin which speed up the metabolism for rapid fat burning and weight loss. It increases energy levels and may improve exercise performance.

A meta analysis by Reza Tabrizi and Parvane Saneei published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition concluded that caffine can reduce fat, weight, and BMI (1).

It also has fiber which helps decrease blood sugar and cholesterol and cleanse the colon for smoother digestion. In addition, the fiber and other ingredients help to suppress hunger, so you take in less calories daily. 

A 7-day study published in The Journal of Nutrition by Larry A. Tucker and Kathryn S. Thomas concluded that an increase in daily fiber intake helped reduce the risk of weight gain in women (2).

Burn by Capsiplex is also a healthy, antioxidant rich formula which destroys free radicals in your system, decreases inflammation, and lowers oxidative stress. The result is a stronger immune system and repair and healing all over the body.

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Capsiplex Burn Ingredients 

These are some of the primary active ingredients in Capsiplex Burn:


This stimulant provides you with added energy and may improve workout performance. It speeds up the metabolism for rapid fat and calorie burning and fast weight loss. In addition, caffeine improves cerebral blood flow for added alertness and mental focus.

A study by D Icken and S Feller published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that higher caffeine intake may assist in maintaining weight loss (3).


This amino acid in the body is the precursor to phenylalanine, which helps synthesize higher levels of brain chemicals like epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine. This may boost brain health, and it also improves mood. The mood boost may help with weight loss by curbing emotion-based eating.

A study by Simone Kühn and Sandra Düzel, et al published in Psychological Research found a strong connection between tyrosine levels and cognitive functioning in younger and older adults (4).


There’s some evidence that this amino acid helps promote fat burning and weight loss. It also improves energy, and it boosts levels of nitric oxide in the body for better overall blood circulation. 

This brings nutrients and oxygen to the muscle for added growth and strength, and it also promotes mental alertness and focus.

A systematic review and meta-analysis by Seyed Mohammad Mousavi and Alireza Milajerdi, et al published in the International Journal For Vitamin and Nutrition Research concluded that l-arginine supplementation may promote weight loss, lower BMI, and decreases waist circumference (5).

Black Pepper

This common spice includes the bioactive component piperine, which is an alkaloid that increases levels of hydrochloric acid in the body. This results in improved digestion and speeds up the metabolism for rapid fat burning and weight loss.

Piperine also has powerful antioxidant potential which strengthens the immune system. It supports a healthy heart and brain, and helps balance blood sugar levels. 

In addition, piperine helps boost nutrient absorption in the body and makes the effects of other ingredients more powerful.

A study on rats by Shreya S. Shah and Gaurang B. Shah, et al published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology concluded that 3 weeks of piperine consumption produced fat and lipid lowering effects (6).

Capsicum Fruit Extract

An important component of chili peppers, capsicum has properties which help increase the speed of the metabolism for fat burning and rapid weight loss. 

Even better, it could suppress appetite and cravings, so you consume fewer calories. This fruit is rich in carotenoids, which are antioxidants that boost immune function by killing free radicals in the body.

A 12-week study published in BMC Obesity by James Rogers and Stacie L. Urbina, et al found that supplementation with capsaicinoids decreased body fat and fat mass (7). 


This ingredient combines 2 powerful organics, which are panax ginseng and Astralagus for powerful antioxidant and immune-boosting potential. High in fiber, it curbs hunger and cravings, so you take in less calories. 

In addition, it increases the breakdown of fatty acids for weight loss, decreases insulin resistance, and balances blood sugar levels. 

A study published in the Journal of Ginseng Research by Mi-Young Song, Bong-Soo Kim, and Hojun Kim on obese middle aged women concluded that panax ginseng had anti-obesity potential and promoted gut health (8).

Burn Capsules

Image Source: https://capsiplex.com/

Capsiplex Burn Before and After Benefits

Burn by Capsiplex offers some incredible health benefits that you can experience right now if you buy the supplement on the official site. 

These are the primary advantages:

Promotes Rapid Fat Burning

The formula contains ingredients which speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories faster and promoting fat burning through thermogenesis.

Suppresses Hunger and Cravings

Capsiplex Burn contains fiber which fills up your stomach, making you feel full so you consume less calories. It includes other appetite suppressing ingredients as well which can help curb your snacking for steady weight loss.

Boosts Energy Levels

Capsiplex Burn has several energy boosting ingredients, notably caffeine which is a popular stimulant. It can keep you going, stave off fatigue, and may even improve your exercise endurance. The added energy keeps you active, for additional calorie burning.

Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

Capsiplex Burn contains fiber rich ingrediets which help balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as minerals like chromium which offer similar benefits. 

Strengthens General Heath and Immunity 

This supplement is high in anti-inflammatory agents which decrease swelling in the body, improving the health of the heart, liver, and digestive tract. It’s also rich in free radical destroying antioxidants which lower oxidative stress and strengthen the immune system. 

How to Take Capsiplex Burn?

The recommended dosage is 3 capsules per day on an empty stomach. You can take them either 30 minutes before breakfast or 30 minutes before a workout. Do not take more than the maximum daily dosage under any circumstances. 

For optimal weight loss benefits, you should also follow a healthy, moderate calorie diet and exercise on a regular basis. Buy Your Bottle Now!

Capsiplex Burn Side Effects 

The ingredients in Capsiplex Burn are all natural and low in potential side effects. It does have some caffeine, which in some users may cause jitters or agitation. 

Make sure not to take them in the evening or they could disrupt sleep. The Burn by Capsiplex reviews haven’t reported any harmful side effects as of yet.

Where Can I Buy Capsiplex Burn?

Anyone interested in buying Capsiplex Burn can find it on the official website. The prices are average for the market, and the company offers FREE shipping on all orders. Buy Capsiplex Burn Now! 

The prices are as follows:

  • 1 Bottle – $64.99
  • 3 Bottles + 1 Free– $129.99
  • 3 Bottles + 2 Free – $194.99

Capsiplex Burn Refund Policy 

The company manufacturer is offering a generous 60-day money back guarantee for Capsiplex Fat Burning Pills, so you have time to try out the supplement to see if it works for you. If you’re not happy with the product, contact customer service for return instructions.

Send the product back within 60 day of the day you got the delivery. If you purchased multiple bottles, you get 67 days. You should get a full refund.

Capsiplex Burn Before and After Results

Capsiplex Burn works best if you are also following a low to moderate calorie diet and exercising on a regular basis. With a healthy lifestyle, you can expect that Capsiplex Burn will significantly speed up your weight loss efforts so you reach your goal faster.

Naturally after you reach your weight loss goal and stop taking the product, you have to keep up your lifestyle habits for maintenance of your progress. If you find yourself slipping, you can take Capsiplex Burn again to get your back to your ideal weight.

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Q: Does Capsiplex Burn Work?

A: Based on the Burn by Capsiplex ingredients list which has scientific support, the formula should work well to put the body in a fat-burning state, suppress appetite, and boost energy levels. Many of the Burn by Capsiplex review posts said the supplement really helped improve their weight loss progress.

Q: Who Should Take Capsiplex Burn?

A: Capsiplex Burn is an ideal supplement for anyone on a weight loss journey who wants an extra boost to speed up their metabolism – and their progress. 

It both burns fat and suppresses appetite, so it’s a good product for users who have the tendency to over snack. It may also improve exercise performance, and it provides a wealth of energy for people who experience fatigue during the day.

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Q: What Sets Capsiplex Burn Apart From the Competition?

A: The Capsiplex Burn ingredients list contains several metabolism boosting ingredients like caffeine, black pepper, and Capsimax for more powerful fat burning benefits than many other similar products on the market. 

Q: How Long Does It Take For Capsiplex Burn To Work?

A: Most people experience a boost of energy soon after taking Capsiplex Burn. In terms of weight loss, it’s difficult to predict as it depends on the individual in terms of their body type and metabolism. However, many users find that that combining this supplement with a healthy diet and lifestyle leads to steady weight loss.

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Capsiplex Burn is a powerful organic fat burner which suppresses appetite, revs up your energy levels, and leads to rapid weight loss. It’s a healthy, antioxidant rich formula which should improve your wellbeing while helping you achieve your goal weight.

The Burn by Capsiplex reviews offered a range of opinions, but there were a number of customers who experienced significant weight loss as well as great gains in energy and workout endurance. Most users said it was more than worth the cost for the improved health and lifestyle benefits. 

Capsiplex Burn contains a pure organic formula and is free of harmful preservatives or additives. It should lead to very limited side effects unless you are highly sensitive to caffeine. If you’re trying to lose weight, boost your efforts now and buy Capsiplex Burn!


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