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Losing weight in 2 weeks feels like mere marketing hype. But not when you get your hands on the best HCG diet drops!

They are revolutionary. These are not the regular weight loss products hawked online right, left and center.

So, even without reading any further, rest assured that it is POSSIBLE to lose all the undesired weight in 2 to 3 weeks.

After all, you are going to take these diet drops with a very low calorie diet, for 21 days.

That’s right! 21 days only!

It is not safe or healthy to stay on a very low calorie diet for more than 21 days at a go. But you can do 21 days, lose up to 25 pounds, take a 14 day break, and start on another 21-day VLCD program.

Still skeptical about the possibility of losing weight so fast?

Keep reading to see the topmost, the number one HCG diet drops and their accompanying very low calorie diet plan that will help you achieve this.

Our List of 3 Best HCG Drops in 2023

1.  Nutravit hCG Drops

2.  Pelican Diet Drops

3.  Crystal Clear Solution Drops

For good measure, we have thrown in three other diet drops that you might want to try. But first … the Nutravit Diet Drops!  

4.  Nutravit Diet Drops: The leading fat buster in the US

Looking at the ingredients, the blending and the positive testimonials from thousands of happy customers, the Nutravit hCG Diet Drops should rightly cost $259.99!

But the company making this supplement believes every person deserves a chance at weight loss, and youthfulness. That is why they make these drops available for all people older than 18 years of age at a paltry price of $59.99 only.

Imagine being able to shed the extra weight that has stuck on you so stubbornly for years, and this after wasting money on one fad diet after another.

Now, you have the opportunity to not only lose this weight, but to also keep it lost for good!

Your redemption is in the form of the Nutravit hCG Drops. This liquid supplement is colorless, tasteless and comes packed in a small bottle of 60ML.  

But there is nothing small about the weight loss goals you can achieve with it. This incredible fat buster has been thoroughly tested and proven!

When you order this product, you feel confident that you are buying into a punchy supplement that has made thousands of people in the world very happy.

Are you in the USA? Very good! You will get this product shipped out within 48 hours to 72 hours. Besides, it is shipped free of charge.

To show you that Nutravit Labs puts its money where its mouth is, consider the 60-day money back guarantee that you will be getting with each order.

If, for any reason, you don’t like it, even for its looks, return it! Return the opened, and the unopened bottles, and you will get your money back. Just ensure you do this within the 60 days of buying it.

Now, I know you must be dying to know the ingredients that this supplement comes with, and I shall not disappoint you. But first …

How do you use the Nutravit Diet Drops?

This is where the fun gets better.

Place a full dropper (10 drops) under the tongue. Do it three times daily, from the first day of the first phase of your diet.

Since one bottle is 60ML, and one dropper is about 0.5ML, daily, you will be taking 1.5ML. Thus, you need to order at least two bottles.

You will take these droplets for 21 days, and then stop. But hey, what if I haven’t lost all the weight?

Relax, it is simple! Just do a repeat, of course with the recommended break in between the rounds.

If you have some diet drops remaining, keep them refrigerated. They won’t spoil.

All the same, there is a catch … there always is!

This catch is about how the fat busting supplement works. It is not a bad “catch.” Nutravit Labs has provided an excellent way out of it. Keep reading!

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

How Nutravit Diet Drops work

The catch is … These diet drops alone will not help you beat the fat. Rather, they prep the way for a bigger weapon – the very low calorie diet.

From now henceforth, we shall refer to it as the VLCD. Now, as you might be able to tell from the “very low” part in the name, well, this is indeed a super low calorie diet. It skimps on the starch and the sugars, because they are largely responsible for weight gain.

For the first round, you are supposed to use these diet drops for 21 days. Out of these 21 days, you will be eating 500 calories daily, 24 hours!

If you are a man, you could be in serious trouble if you eat 500 calories only. You see, a man is required to take 2500 calories daily. 500 isn’t even half of the daily recommended intake.

Going on such a low calorie diet can have you feeling lethargic, throwing your energy levels to the pits. It can also cause serious nauseous bouts and migraines.

But thanks to the Nutravit Diet drops, none of this is going to happen. In fact, your experience will be so smooth.

These diet drops activate the metabolism, through a complex mechanics that we won’t discuss here.

Higher metabolism means the body needs food material/fuel to burn. This usually comes from the food you eat.  

Since you are not consuming calories, what does the body do?

It raids its fat stocks. It starts burning fat for fuel to power different functions. It does this to give you energy to go through your day.

These drops also help the body to release more energy, through increased mitochondrial function. That is why you will not feel lethargic or experience low energy levels, despite taking the very low calorie diet.

In fact, you will go through your day at home, work or in school without feeling the need to snack. The cells will be releasing smooth and consistent energy.

Buy 3 Get 2 Free

Nutravit Diet Drops Ingredients

While people wax lyrical about this supplement, you still do not want to take it blindly. You need to know what is inside what you are taking!

Thankfully, Nutravit’s medical and nutrition research team have done a great job. They have used carefully chosen ingredients to create this fat busting formula.

Thanks to these ingredients, the diet drops are going to improve the natural secretion of the HCG hormone.

There is no hormone contained in the Nutravit Diet Drops. The company has used herbal ingredients and amino acids to create the formula.

So, you may wonder, why should you choose the supplement over the others that have the real hormone?

Well, the gains are more sustainable. You will lose weight, sometimes up to 2 pounds daily, and the best thing yet … you will be able to keep it that way – lost!

Besides, you could be allergic to the HCG hormone.

Herbal ingredients

These include garcinia cambogia and panax ginseng. The former contains HCA – a compound that helps in weight loss and prevents the absorption of fat from food.

It can also increase athletic performance, keeping you on your feet longer even when you are on a very low calorie diet. The latter lowers blood pressure, boosts energy release from the cells, and regulates blood sugar levels.

Raspberry ketone has so many benefits in the body. It can also increase the level of the adiponectin hormone in your system, leading to better sugar control. However, chief among them is helping in the breakdown of fat cells, leading to higher energy production.

African Mango extract has been the darling of the dietary supplement industry for many years. It is a great appetite suppressant, metabolic booster and an inhibitor to the growth of the fat cells. This ingredient does the biggest share of defeating the fat cells.

This supplement also contains coleus forskohlii root extract. This herb boosts the release of the testosterone hormone in the body. Higher T levels make you more manly, help the body burn fat and it increases strength.

Other herbal ingredients include capsicum annuum, green tea, brown seaweed, grape seed, grapefruit, and Rhodiola rosea.

Once you dig deeper under the fancy scientific names of these herbs, you will find they have been used for millennia in different traditional medicine systems.

Amino acids, and 1 mineral

This fat burning supplement contains certain amino acids, chosen for their ability to turn your body into a fat incinerator.

Some can even make you feel great, and happy!

Take, for instance, the L-Tryptophan amino acid. It is a serotonin precursor. Serotonin is a feel-happy hormone. When you are happy, you don’t experience hunger pangs, and you don’t stress-eat.

Going on a VLCD can make you very stressed and unhappy. But don’t worry, because Nutravit Labs got your back. They have included the L-Ornithine amino acid. It gives you mental stamina, so you don’t feel stressed throughout the experience.

L-Glutamine is also included in this product, and yes, there is no mention about it helping with burning fat.

But it has incredible benefits like the prevention of irritable bowel syndromes, prevents headache, pain in the tummy and other symptoms.

Other ingredients include Beta-Alanine, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, and Chromium picolinate.  



Fast fat burning progress and results

Not available anywhere else apart from official website

Some ingredients make the VLCD period smooth


Incredible discounts when you order more than one bottle


They have an affiliate program


Comes with a diet plan and diet recipes


Where to buy and the price

Head to the Nutravit Labs website and place your order for one, two or more bottles of the diet drops. One bottle contains 60ML and costs $59.99.

Two bottles cost $119.99 and you get the third bottle free. Three bottles cost $177.99 and you get two bottles free of charge. Free shipping in the continental USA applies to certain orders.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee on all orders, so keep the empty bottles because you might be asked to show photographic evidence.  

2. Pelican Vitamins Diet Drops Premium Diet Drops

The New York based Pelican Vitamins have been providing high quality vitamin supplements to thousands of people for years. They also sell the Pelican Diet Drops that help in burning stubborn fat.

One noticeable thing about these drops is their low price. They also come with the African Mango extract, which is one of the most renowned metabolic boosters and appetite suppressants in the market.

Keep reading to see more about it.

How to use Pelican Vitamins Premium Diet Drops

Pelican Vitamins Diet Drops come in a 30ml bottle. You can order more packages depending on your weight loss goals or weight loss partners.

To use these drops, take 10 drops under your tongue 3 times a day and let it sit there for about 1 minute before swallowing. 

Ensure you don't consume anything 15 minutes before or after taking the drops. The 30ml bottle will last you 10 days, so if you want a one-month plan, you have to get the 90ml package.

To lose weight with these drops, you must embark on a VLCD, between 500-1500 calories, depending on your weight goals and daily activities. Also, ensure you are taking 1 to 2 gallons of water every day.

Pelican Premium Diet Drops ingredients

Pelican Vitamins diet drops are a blend of different ingredients and these are:

African Mango fruit Extract – It increases the rate of metabolism owing to its fat-burning abilities. Increased metabolism translates to faster weight/fat loss.

Maca root extract helps boost energy levels now that you are on a VLCD. It also fights free radicals, which slow down aging. 

Astragalus membranous root extract treats diabetes, lowers blood pressure, supports the immune system, and keeps the liver healthy.

RhodiolaRosea root extract – It helps to curb sugar and starch cravings. It contains a compound called rosavin that increases the rate at which stored fat in the body is converted to energy.

PygeumAfricanum Root Extract helps to reduce oxidative stress and remove free radicals that cause fast aging. It also reduces the probability of getting prostate cancer. 

L-Arginine – It enhances insulin release in the body, which in turn helps control sugar levels. Higher insulin sensitivity also helps to control hunger pangs, not to mention fat storage in the body.

L-Glutamine helps to prevent muscle wastage, especially with rapid weight loss. This ingredient improves metabolism and heart health, and enhances gastrointestinal and immune systems.

L-Ornithine – It gives you energy, especially when losing weight rapidly. It also ensures your mental, psychological, and physical health is not affected too much during the weight loss process.

Other ingredients include L-carnitine, ethanol, deionized water, organic citrus extract, xylitol, and stevia extract.

How Pelican Premium Diet Drops works

Pelican Vitamins Diet drops work by reducing your appetite while increasing your metabolism. The VLCD creates a calorie deficit, and the body starts utilizing the stored fats to provide energy.

Increased metabolism means more and faster weight loss. Some of the ingredients also help the body to increase metabolism because they have fat-burning properties.

Reduced appetite means the body will not be craving more calories. The powerful antioxidants in these drops also help to reduce sagging and aged skin, which comes from rapid weight loss. 



Available in different marketplaces

You might have to use up to 3 bottles in a month

Fat burning and weight loss is assured


Enables you to cut hunger pangs and cravings


Works with a VLCD to help you lose weight


Where to buy and the price

You could order these diet drops from WalMart or from the official Pelican Vitamins website. One bottle of 30ML costs $34.99.

If you order two bottles, you will pay $27.99 per bottle and if you order three you will pay $26.24 per bottle.

If you order four bottles, the cost per bottle will be $24.49.

3. Crystal Clear Solutions Diet and Detox Drops

Imagine, for less than $20.00, you can have this fat burning supplement from Crystal Clear Solutions. 

These diet drops contain proven herbal ingredients such as African Mango seed extract, maca, green tea, and raspberry ketone. These are well-known metabolism boosters and fat busters.  

Besides helping you lose weight, these drops are also going to help flush out the toxins from your blood and your gut.

How to use Crystal Clear Solutions Diet Drops

These drops come in a 60 ml bottle. You are going to take 30 drops daily by taking 10 drops 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

This bottle is enough for 20 days, so you can order more depending on your weight loss goals. Place the drops under your tongue and wait about a minute before swallowing. It is important to avoid eating anything for 15 minutes before and after taking the supplement.

Follow a VLCD depending on your body’s daily needs. This creates a caloric deficit to encourage the body to utilize the already stored fats. Follow the diet plan religiously to get the best results.

CSS Diet Drops ingredients

These drops are made from natural ingredients. They are perfect for weight loss. The main ingredient, Pure African Mango extract, contains Vitamin B, which helps to increase metabolism, thus burning stored fats fast. It also contains non-essential amino acids.

L-Ornithine enhances general body and mental wellness, which is crucial because too rapid weight loss could cause stress and depression. L-Carnitine helps in lowering the stubborn belly fat while L-Arginine- helps to burn body fat.

The amino acid Beta-Alanine increases oxygen utilization in the cells, increasing cellular metabolism. L-Glutamine boosts insulin sensitivity, which is essential for blood sugar level control. It also helps with inflammation, especially if you are working out.

Green tea extract helps to increase the body’s core temperature, increasing metabolic rate and Raspberry ketone enhances the body’s ability to burn fat.

Maca root extract boosts energy and endurance, improves mood, lowers blood pressure, and lowers the free radicals. There is also Niacin, which reduces the level of bad cholesterol. This decreases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and related conditions.

Pygeum Africanum reduces BPH symptoms such as the inability to empty your bladder when urinating. Rhodiola rosea helps to burn fat in stubborn areas like the belly, upper arms, and hips.

Finally, it contains astragalus, which helps to improve blood circulation. It strengthens the immune system. It also helps to reduce respiratory and heart conditions.

How CCS Diet Drops work

These diet drops work by suppressing your appetite such that you no longer crave starch and sugar. The calorie deficit created when you start on the VLCD gets the body to use the stored fat to supplement the energy needed in the body.

The more the body uses the stored, the faster you lose the weight. You are encouraged to maintain the VLCD through the recommended period, usually 21 days to burn as much fat as possible.

The beauty about these diet drops is that they reset your metabolism such that even when you finish taking the diet drops, your metabolism will remain at an all-time high.



It burns fat and detoxes the body

We could not find the official website

Can prevent the onset of stress and anxiety

Can’t help you lose weight without the VLCD

The price is very affordable


Ingredients are well known for their fat burning abilities


Where to buy and the price

The company making this product is listed as Crystal Clear Solutions LLC on Walmart. However, we could not find the official website of this product, so for now, you can only order on Walmart. One bottle of 60ML costs $15.19. There is no information regarding money back guarantee, or discounts.

4. Drop It! Cheapest Weight Loss Drops

If you would like diet drops made with natural ingredients to help you lose weight, you might want to try Drop It! Diet Drops.

This supplement is perfect for people who are on a very low budget because a bottle of 60ML costs $10.00.

The truth is; this low price is the only reason we are looking at this supplement. It couldn’t get any cheaper than this.

But there are a few downsides to this supplement. First, the ingredients given are the African Mango extract only. So we wonder whether that alone can be enough to help you lose weight.

Because of this, we would only recommend this supplement for people who just want to lose a minimal weight, say 10 pounds, or less.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be an official product website, so you can only order on Walmart.com. 

Good thing we know is that Walmart does not sell bad products, so you can still order it with confidence. Besides, every purchase is covered by a 30-day return policy, which is enough for anyone in the USA.

There is very scanty information about the Drop It! weight loss diet drops. Therefore, take this weight loss supplement with caution.

Conclusion and recommendation

If you are dealing with stubborn fat, you have come to the right place. After looking at several HCG diet drops in the market, we have concluded that only the Nutravit hCG Drops meet the goal perfectly.

There are few reasons for this. They do not contain the HCG hormone. Somehow, we believe you should only take supplements with the HCG hormone with a prescription. Therefore, we are wary if such products are available on the over-the-counter status.

The price is also highly discounted especially if you buy two bottles or more. If they last more than the 21 days of the recommended VLCD phase, you can keep them for later. They keep very well.

You can also take the Nutravit Labs guarantee of losing 6 pounds a week and challenge them on it. Some people have lost up to 20 pounds in three weeks. You could be the next person to achieve this healthy feat.

It is best to avoid diet drops that do not have company websites where you can access more information.

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