Ayesha Curry Talks About Her Weight-Loss Journey + the Funny Thing That Was Holding Her Back

Ayesha Curry just partnered with MyFitnessPal on an exciting new challenge called “Jumpstart My Fitness,” which pairs all the fitness tools the app has to offer with smoothie and food recipes from the Sweet July entrepreneur himself.

the best part? free!

But Rachel asked, why would she do that?

“I feel like I've been [health] It’s been a journey from the day I started having kids,” said Ayesha, who shares three kids, Riley, Ryan and Canon, with her husband, Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry. “Once we had Canon, [I said], ‘Okay, now I can lean in and figure out what works for me. ‘”

She found one thing holding her back. “My very athletic husband and I compete in my own weird, twisted way, [thinking] I had to do all the things he was doing to find my balance and stay healthy,” she said.

But of course, it's an especially daunting task when the husband in question is one of the best players in basketball!

Watch the video about Ayesha Now Did that help her find the “best outcome” for her.

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