Ayesha Curry Goes Viral After She Shows Off Extreme Weight Loss In New Pictures

Ayesha Curry became popular online after fans noticed her extreme weight loss.

The 33-year-old has previously spoken about her health journey and her new lifestyle. “One of my big decisions in January was to build a little lean muscle,” she explained at the time. “I've lost 35 pounds. In the past year, I've been really pumped, but now I want that definition, and I want to feel strong in my skin.”

On Thursday (March 16), Ayesha, the wife of NBA star Stephen Curry, shared a set of photos of her attending the Forbes 3050 International Women's Day summit red carpet in Abu Dhabi. Curry wore a beautiful love black gown with an updo.

Some fans became concerned about Curry because they couldn't resist commenting on her weight loss. One user wrote, “I'm praying my sister's weight is good! Hope it's not the pressure of her peers in Hollywood!” Another, “Beautiful as always, but looking too thin.” On the other hand, quite a few fans also came forward defend her. “I despise this society where people are constantly commenting on someone's weight. Even if you have good intentions, they probably won't feel the same way. They might like being smaller or bigger etc. I feel like every woman is tied to that Lost connection between my weight and figure,” said the fan.

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