Aryanna Sierra’s Weight Loss Transformation In Photos

Aryanna Sierra from 90 day fiancé Her weight has undergone a huge shift since her debut Love Is In Paradise: The CaribbeanThe 26-year-old was pregnant with her first child when she made her reality TV debut opposite Sherlon McInnis from Jamaica. Sherlon ran his father's boat business while working at a swingers resort, and he met Aryanna while he was running her cruise boat while vacationing on the island. Six months after she became pregnant with her child, Aryanna found herself back in Jamaica.

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90 day fiance's Aryanna Sierra wants Sherlon to immigrate to the US on a K-1 visa. Sherlon seemed hesitant to marry Holiday, so he agreed to get a tourist visa, but he fell ill with COVID-19 and Aryanna went home. Aryanna gave birth to son Odin in emergency labor due to pre-eclampsia.exist Love Is In Paradise: The Caribbean In season 2, Aryanna traveled to Jamaica again, this time with her son, when Sherlon confessed that he had betrayed Aryanna multiple times. He still promises Aryanna that he will make it up by being alone with her, but Sherlon is now married to a new woman named Ashley. Now, Aryanna is showing off her post-breakup weight loss transformation.

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90 Day Fiancé star Aryanna struggles to get revenge on body after split

In a now-deleted Instagram post by Sherlon from July 2022, 90 day fiancé Actor Aryanna declared, “Don't let him fool you. I don't care much about being in a relationship with this man because he's synonymous with useless,” explain”baby mom” and”the mother of your child.“By then, Aryanna had left her cheating ex as she focused her energy on getting healthier. Back in November 2021, Aryanna began her postpartum weight loss journey.”Thankfully, motherhood didn't stop me from doing the things I love, but made me feel good about myself every day,’ she wrote in the caption.

90 Day Fiancé Star Aryanna Shares Weight Loss Secrets

90 day fiancé Star Aryanna's biggest appeal during pregnancy is not to continue working out. But a year later in October, she's back on track, showing off her svelte figure to inspire her Instagram followers. Aryanna shows “Keep exercising, intermittent fasting, clean eating” Before and after photos taken in just three months. In December 2022, Aryanna revealed that regular exercise has become “Almost standard procedure” For her though, eating healthy can still be a struggle on certain days. “The hardest part is the drive and dedication it takes to get up every day and do things for yourself,’ she added.

90 Day Fiancé star Aryanna reveals stunning 93-pound weight loss

In February, Aryanna shared a jaw-dropping photo collage to showcase her progress. “93 lbs difference, you can't tell me anything,” she wrote in the caption. New 90 day fiancé Mum Aryanna describes her journey as “Definition of resilience.’ When a fan asked Aryanna to show them what she ate, she told them, “I really don't eat any crazy diets or meal plans!’ Aryanna says she believes in a calorie deficit and likes to burn more calories than she takes in.”I still stay healthy, but a calorie deficit is key!“Aryanna admitted that she should have appeared in another 90 day fiancé Spin off after weight loss.

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