Amy Slaton’s Weight Loss Transformation In Photos

1000 lb sister Star Amy Slayton has come a long way throughout the series, and her transformation has been stunning. Amy and her sister Tammy Slaton, who recently underwent bariatric surgery themselves, have struggled with their health since childhood.Even with the hardships and losses, Amy has managed to overcome and lose weight with the help of medical interventions, and continues to try and prioritize her health in the meantime. 1000 lb sister Season 4.

1000 lb sister Amy Slaton, who welcomed her second son, Glenn, in July 2022, has had a lot going on growing up 1000 lb sister running. She had weight loss surgery in season one, married her longtime love Michael Holtman, and then welcomed her first son, Gage, in season two.period 1000 lb sister In season 3, Amy juggles being a mom and maintaining her weight, but struggles to do so after her second pregnancy. Despite her struggles, Amy has always made her health a priority and is doing well, as it's clear from the photos she posted on Instagram that she's lost some weight.

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Amy Slayton weighs over 400 pounds as 1,000-pound sisters start

Amy's weight fluctuated throughout her life, but in her early years 1000 lb sisters, Her weight hit her record high. At over 400 pounds, Amy knew she needed to think about her health and finally decided to meet with her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Proctor. She struggled with her younger sister, Tammy, who weighed over 600 pounds early in the process. While Tammy needed to lose more weight, Amy embraced her regimen well and initially lost enough weight to be cleared for bariatric surgery.

Amy Slaton loses weight after birth of her first son, Gage

Amy was pregnant with her first son, Gage, shortly after her bariatric surgery. Her doctor didn't recommend it, but Amy decided to roll the dice because she wanted to be a mother and gave birth to her first child in November 2020. After Gage was born, Amy took her weight loss seriously and made some progress showing off pictures of her initial weight loss. She went from 400 pounds to 275 pounds and lost about 125 pounds through bariatric surgery and postpartum slimming. Amy's clothing size is reduced from 5X to 1X.

Amy's stunning transformation from 1,000-pound sisters season 1 to season 4

Although Amy feels empowered to continue her health journey, her unexpected pregnancy with Glen has stalled her again. After Gage was born, she was nervous to meet Dr. Proctor, but when she finally did, it turned out to be more exciting than disappointing. Amy managed to keep her weight off, gaining only 6 pounds between pregnancies. Although she still has a long way to go, 1000 lb sister Star Amy has impressed everyone with her relentless commitment to her health, and it looks like she'll continue to do so.

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