Amanda ‘Summer House’ Weight Loss: Reality Star Talks Diet

Amanda Batura

Source: Sasha Israel/Bravo

if you have been summer house — The Bravo reality show airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET — Then you might notice that cast member Amanda Batula has lost weight since she joined the show as a friend in season one.

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married graphic designer summer house Partner Kyle Cooke opened up to Instagram followers about her changing physique. Yes, she knows all the tweets and comments about her physique — especially one aspect of her body! Read on, Bravo fans.

‘Summer House' star Amanda takes to social media about her weight loss.

Amanda Batura

Source: Charles Sykes/Bravo

In an April 2020 Instagram Q&A, Amanda Said She Lost Weight While Working summer house.

“Season 2 was my first official season and was actually my heaviest,” she said at the time, according to Bravo.com“I don't know what my weight is because I refuse to be weighed, but I will say I've lost…15 to 20 pounds since then. Now I'm back to my college weight.”

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She continued: “I know that number might sound really big compared to what I was at the time – it's not like I'm big – but my weight gain was pretty even and I put it off a lot. On the face. But I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because I couldn't fit my clothes that year.”

So, how did she do it?The Reality Star Says “Intermittent Fasting and Bulletproof [coffee] And cutting out all the sugar and carbs” gave her results. She also recommends not counting calories, but eating vegetables and “lots of protein,” and satisfying cravings in small doses.

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“I didn't use a scale for a whole year because it doesn't matter what the number you see, what matters to me is how I feel in my clothes and how I feel about my body,” she adds. “As long as your favorite jeans fit, that's the end goal.”

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Amanda Batula, 31, knows that audiences are talking about her body.

as summer house Amanda Tells Us Season 5 Will End in May 2021 deep She has noticed a shift in the online discussion about her involvement with the show: “For me, I was [comments] Like, I'm “too quiet.” Or, I'm pretty “whiny.” I am this and I am that. But this summer, people will say, ‘Wow, Amanda has awesome boobs. ‘”

“It's so funny because I've been hiding them my whole life. But when you're filming a show in the summer, you can't really hide your boobs,” she says. “I had a boyfriend in college and the first time he got his hands on he was shocked that I had such big boobs because I was pretty good at hiding them back then. And they were natural. They were 100% real, people [question] all the time. They just change size naturally with hormones, weight gain and weight loss. “

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