Almonds for weight loss: Should You Eat Raw Or Soaked Almonds?

Eating a handful of almonds can kill the urge to snack

Almonds are known to promote weight loss. But the question is should you eat raw or soaked almonds.

Almonds have been a part of our lives since childhood. In nearly every household, children are given soaked and peeled almonds every morning because it promotes memory and brain health. Almonds are also known as miracle nuts because of their multiple benefits and high nutritional value, containing fiber, protein, vitamin E, antioxidants, and minerals. Plus, it aids digestion, improves skin and memory, promotes heart health and reduces hunger by keeping us full for longer. Almonds are also considered a perfect weight loss food, with several studies showing that eating almonds daily can lead to greater weight loss. One way it encourages weight loss is by increasing feelings of fullness, which can help curb unhealthy snacking habits.

However, time and time again people have questioned whether almonds are more nutritious eaten raw or soaked overnight. Dr Snehal Adsule, a professional and experienced weight loss coachThis problem is addressed in a video posted on Instagram.

Almonds for Weight Loss: Raw or Soaked

Almond skins are rich in fiber due to the presence of polyphenols, says Dr. Adsule. Rich in fiber, it aids digestion and relieves digestive problems. Plus, Dr. Snehal assures that eating almonds with their skins is not harmful at all, but beneficial.

Since everyone functions differently, some people may experience digestive issues when eating raw almonds. If the problem persists, they can switch to peeled almonds. Everyone is different and has their own preferences. Soaked and peeled almonds also have tremendous nutritional value. In addition, before eating peeled almonds, it is best to soak almonds in water overnight to allow the body to fully absorb nutrients.

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Dr. Snehal is constantly sharing valuable and informative videos and posts on Instagram. In the Peeled or Unpeeled Almond Reel video, she goes on to share how a handful of almonds as a snack can eliminate the urge to snack and break unhealthy snacking habits. “Keep raw almonds in your pocket and snack on some of these amazing nuts whenever you're hungry between work or when you're bored,” shares the weight loss coach.

Almonds are a popular nut that can be found in every Indian household. With the advent and increase of vegan foods and beverages, almond milk is an excellent choice for those who are lactose intolerant. It can be bought from the supermarket or made at home without any tedious process.

Dr. Snehal Adsule further highlights the benefits of incorporating almonds into our daily lives. Roasted almonds with some salt and pepper is another way to add them to your daily diet.

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