5 Photos That Show Winter’s 100-Pound Weight Loss

Everett attracts attention in winter Chantel Homestay Fans with her inspiring weight loss journey. The Atlanta native weighed over 300 pounds when she decided to undergo sleeve stomach surgery in Mexico. In the past two years, she has lost more than 100 pounds. Although the process of reaching her goal weight has been slow but steady, Winter's hard work and dedication to her health has resulted in her amazingly toned figure.

Winter hits the gym every day and works with a nutritionist to incorporate healthy eating into her lifestyle. As a result, she completely transformed her mind-set and body. The changes to her body also had a profound effect on her face, with her jaw and jaw becoming more pronounced and her neck appearing smaller. Winter's facial features, such as her nose and eyes, are now more noticeable as her rosy cheeks no longer cover them. Chantel Homestay The star's transformation can be seen in her big smile as she looks happier in her latest Instagram photo.

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5 5. Winter Everett before and after weight loss

Home Chantel-5 Photos Show Winter's 100-Pound Weight Loss 1

In January 2023, she posted a video comparing her old self to her new one. In an Instagram post, Winter shared two before and after photos of herself losing weight. Over the past two years, Winter has showcased her 100-pound weight loss transformation in various posts. She debuted in front of the photo, rocking a braided hairstyle and wearing a chic outfit. In that photo, she looked lovely as usual, but in an oversized dress thanks to her larger frame and bolder curves. Winter is also not smiling in the photo, which takes away from her radiant complexion.

In contrast, she then showed off her newer body, looking younger than her age, looking like she was in her early 20s. The weight loss shift was evident in Winter's fashion choices, where she showed off her slender legs in a crop top and slim-fit jeans. Chantel Homestay Star Winter captioned her post, “Wow! What a change” Proudly use the hashtag “#Back to life.” Her fans got really excited about the post on Instagram and raved about her like, “I'm blown away! You're beautiful in every size and Watching your journey inspires me,” and “You've always been very beautiful, but now you've got all this positive self-confidence.”

4 4. Winter Everett shows off a year of weight loss progress

Home Chantel-5 photos reveal winter's 100-pound weight loss 2

Winter has been posting various before and after photos on Instagram to show off her weight loss transformation. In December 2022, she shared a year-long photo of herself and her sister, Chantel Everett.In 2021 photos, the smiling, stylish Everett siblings from Chantel Homestay Standing side by side, confidently rocking their alluring looks. In an earlier shot, Winter, wearing a stunning burgundy dress, hugs her sister in a formfitting blue dress. The sisters wore light makeup and the younger wore glasses, which completed her overall look.

inside “2022” In the photo, Winter proudly stands in front of the camera showing off his weight loss to show he has gained a new figure. The photo shows off her sporty braids and shows off her midriff, while wearing a pink designer crop top and matching pants. The comparison becomes more apparent as Chantel, who previously looked very different from Winter, looks more similar in the newer photos. Maybe that's a big reason why the young reality TV sister captioned her post, “2022 is great!” And her fans gave her approval in the comment section.

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3 3. Winter Everett posts an impromptu gym selfie

Home Chantel-5 Photos Show Winter's 100-Pound Weight Loss3

In addition to the comparison photos, Winter also showcased her 100-pound weight loss by posting selfies on Instagram. Last year, she shared a photo of herself taking a workout selfie at her fitness center, showing off her new curves while standing on a yoga mat. She was wearing a white top, blue track pants and sneakers. Winter completed her look with a matching burgundy headband. Overall, her whole urban workout outfit looks adorable, and her subtle smile only adds to that.

The photo highlights two big things fans have noticed about winter over the past few months. She's undeniably proud of her size and doesn't care what other people think of it. The 100-pound weight loss left the Atlanta resident with no confidence in his past relationship with ex-boyfriend Jah. Plus, she's been working hard in the gym and putting her heart and soul into transforming her body. Although Winter had gastric sleeve surgery to start her weight loss, she didn't rely on it to automatically make her lose weight. Instead, she works hard every day to achieve her toned figure.

2 2. Winter Everett reveals her workout routine

Family Chantel-5 Photos Show Winter's 100-Pound Weight Loss4

Winter showed off her 100-pound weight loss by letting fans know about her fitness routine and workout routine. In July 2022, she posted a video of herself showing off her efforts to lose every pound. The clip shows Chantel's little sister doing several exercises, starting with weighted squats, while she holds a heavy dumbbell in her hand. In the next exercise, she climbed up and down a stepped platform while grabbing weights with her hands, showing off her toned arms and calves. Winter then performed a dumbbell press exercise and ended the video by demonstrating a barbell curl.

The video proves that Winter puts a lot of effort into her fitness and her journey has been tough.She didn't use her weight loss to party like everyone else 90 day fiancé Controversial co-stars instead focus on staying in shape and further flourishing. Winter didn't caption her video and simply used her brother Riverknight's song “Doubted” to showcase her fitness routine. As a result, fans gave her 16K likes, and TLC actors like Angela Deam, Darcy Silva and David Toborowski also expressed their support.

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1 1. Winter Everett flaunts her bikini figure in a swimsuit

Family Chantel-5 photos show 100-pound weight loss in winter5

Since losing weight, Winter has also posted more swimwear photos embracing her toned beach body. In the summer of 2022, she did not hesitate to show her side profile and fit figure to fans. In the post, Winter asserted confidently, “I'm just #beautiful me,” When using labels such as “#healing”, “#healthylifestyle” and “#stopdropandroll.” Photos showed the TLC star sitting on rocks while dipping her feet in water, revealing that she has the most contagious smile since shedding 100 pounds.

Winter added to her tropical look by wearing a pink swimsuit with a pineapple print in the post. She rocked blonde braids with minimal makeup, further enhancing her natural beauty.Winter's profile reveals how much her figure has changed since she was cast Chantel Homestay Season 4. Overall, Winter's look took fans by surprise, as they had a hard time believing how much she had changed in a year. One Instagram user wrote, “you are getting more beautiful sky. God bless you. “ hope, Chantel Homestay The alum will be achieving her fitness goals in no time.

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