3 new studies show weight loss isn’t all about diet and exercise

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“All you have to do is eat less and move more.”

Not only is this absolutely wrong, but it sounds downright depressing — especially from your doctor. Unfortunately, your doctor is sharing very old concepts with you. It takes about 17 years for the findings of scientific research to reach your doctor and change his or her medical advice. Talk show hosts and internet searches also often teach incorrect or outdated information.

The problem is that even trusted sources like medical journals often spread bad information. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that “false and unscientifically based beliefs about obesity are prevalent” in our medical journals.

Ideally, you can find your answer by studying the 500,000 scientific papers published on the topic and the roughly 100 new papers published every day. However, this is a daunting task that many of you will not undertake. Dr. Whit Roberts of Health Utah offers another option. “You can turn to experts who have spent their lives culling from hundreds of thousands of pages of research, or, more likely, doctors who have followed them.” Roberts, one of those doctors, told us that some of the things you might Fun never-heard facts to jumpstart or get your weight loss efforts on track. Here are just three of them.

3 new studies show weight loss isn't just about diet and exercise
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By this time, you've probably heard of intermittent fasting. You haven't heard of chronobiology or the study of how the rhythms of the sun, moon, and seasons affect our bodies' mental, physiological, and emotional cycles. The study earned the researchers the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Roberts explained that their research has given us a better understanding of the most effective forms of intermittent fasting. What matters is when you fast, not how long you fast, says Roberts.

Apparently, the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is actually true, even though millions of Americans are skipping it. As a weight loss patient at Health Utah, you'll learn many things, one of which is why eating breakfast is important. Roberts explained that the body processes calories eaten in the morning differently than calories eaten in the evening.

In the morning, your body prepares for the need for readily available energy by converting food into glycogen, a short-term energy storage molecule. In order to do this, your body burns those pesky fat reserves. At night, however, it's a completely different story. The body is preparing for a night of restful, rejuvenating sleep. Calories eaten at dinner or in the evening are usually stored as fat, a long-term energy storage molecule. “The gist,” says Roberts, “is that skipping dinner is more effective for weight loss than skipping breakfast. All else being equal, fasting in the evening is more effective for weight loss than fasting in the morning.”

3 new studies show weight loss isn't just about diet and exercise
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The second weight loss truth, straight from the scientific literature, is that bad bacteria in the gut can lead to weight gain. One of Robert's patients learned this the hard way. Tory is a 43-year-old woman who went to Health Utah after she suddenly started gaining weight. Despite the diet, she gained 40 pounds in six months. She went to the doctor and got her hormones and thyroid checked. they are very good. She even hired a personal trainer. Nothing she did seemed to help. She just keeps gaining weight.

At Health Utah, Roberts underwent a full exam, including evaluating her medical history and testing. He learned that she had received two courses of antibiotics for a severe sinus infection before gaining weight. Those antibiotics had wiped out most of her good and bad bacteria. As the bacterial colonies regrow, the bad bacteria get more room to live while she drinks their favorite sodas and sugary treats.

Tory underwent a course of treatment at Health Utah and lost 45 pounds, her energy increased dramatically, and her life-long anxiety attacks were significantly reduced. Today, Tory is a strong advocate of Health Utah and the therapies and treatments offered there.

3 new studies show weight loss isn't just about diet and exercise
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The third science-backed weight loss fact shared by Roberts shocked almost everyone who heard it. Chicken is more fattening than beef. Yes, you and I have been scammed. More than one study has shown that eating just one chicken breast every 10 days can lead to significant weight gain. It’s no wonder so many people are struggling to lose weight every day as they consume dietary chicken breasts every day.

Health Utah helps you combat such misinformation, industry biased propaganda and popular myths. This article touches on just a few of them. Roberts' 25 years of practice combined evidence-based weight loss methods into his proprietary weight loss program. If you're battling stubborn weight, his scientific approach to identifying and correcting the root causes of stubborn weight might be for you.

Roberts is quick to explain that this stubborn weight can be caused by a variety of conditions that are beyond the scope of this article. These can include toxins, insomnia, infections, allergies, hormone imbalances, candida, emotional issues, liver and gallbladder dysfunction, and more. He and his staff identify and address all of these potential underlying issues with their weight loss regimen. “Testing is key to finding out if there are underlying underlying issues that are making your weight loss efforts so difficult,” says Roberts.

Utah Health Advisories include same-day testing. Call 801-810-CARE (2273) or visit Health Utah today to schedule your weight loss consultation and talk to Dr. Roberts about a unique way to lose weight.

If your significant other wants a consultation too, please mention this article and you can schedule a second appointment for free. That's a savings of $59.

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