3 Best Proteins To Eat In The Morning For Weight Loss

We can't say for sure if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but there's no denying that what you eat in the morning can affect not only the quality of your day, but your overall health and wellbeing. Eating a nutritious breakfast is especially important if you're trying to lose weight — and that means making sure you're getting enough protein. Eating enough protein for breakfast will ensure you stay full and reduce the temptation to overeat throughout the rest of the day. However, some types of protein are better for you than others. For example, eating too much bacon can wreak havoc on your health over time. But luckily, there are plenty of healthy proteins that can fit perfectly into your daily breakfast routine.

To learn about some of the best options that can support healthy weight loss, we interviewed health expert Trista Best, nutritionist at Balance One Supplements, and Catherine Gervacio, registered dietitian and nutrition writer life. fit. They tell us that cottage cheese, egg whites, and low-fat yogurt are the best of the best. Learn more below!

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Cheese Topped with Strawberries and Blueberries


1. Cheese

When you think of high-protein foods, cottage cheese probably isn't one of the first things that come to your mind. However, Best says that because of its protein content, it's one of the best foods you can start your day with. “A half-cup serving of cottage cheese provides about 13

grams of protein,” she says. Plus, the treat is “relatively low in calories,” with just 80 calories per calf cup serving, making it “a good option for people who are concerned about their calorie intake.”

It is not only high in protein, low in calories, delicious and delicious, but also rich in nutrition, which is another important symbol of diet food. “Cheese is a good source of several important nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, selenium and vitamin B12,” Best says. “These nutrients play an important role in bone health, immune function and

general health. ’ OK! She suggested serving it with some fruit for breakfast, which was delicious and healthy.

Egg White Omelet


2. Egg whites

You can't go wrong with eggs when it comes to breakfast that's hearty, healthy and delicious. If weight loss is your goal, Gervacio says adding egg whites to your daily diet is a brilliant idea. “Egg whites are almost pure protein with no bad fats,” she explains. “If you're trying to increase your protein intake but are worried about cholesterol, egg whites are the way to go.” Sounds good!

To maximize the health benefits of this food, Gervacio recommends “combining it with other lean protein and high-fiber foods.”

Yogurt with Fruit and Chia Seeds


3. Low-fat yogurt

Don't underestimate the power of yogurt! This probiotic-rich food is also packed with protein to support healthy weight loss—especially when you choose low-fat options. “Yogurt may be one of the favorite breakfast choices for those trying to lose weight because it contains protein and probiotics,” Gervacio tells us, noting that it “contains millions of good bacteria that can help balance the microbiome in the gut.” community to improve digestion. Intuition.” She went on to explain, “Probiotics are known to help release the hormones peptide YY (PYY) and peptide-1

(GLP-1) Known to reduce appetite. Increasing the release of these hormones may burn more calories and fat. “The more you know!

Of course, losing weight at a healthy rate ultimately comes down to eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet of whole foods and limiting your intake of processed ingredients as much as possible; it's important to remember that no single food works miracles. However, starting your day with these high-protein foods is always a good idea for your overall health.

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