1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Reveals How She Looks After Weight Loss

1000 lb sister Star Tammy Slaton showed off her new look after shedding all the extra pounds after the show. The 36-year-old Kentucky resident is best known for her Weight Loss Journey on the hit TLC show, where she appeared alongside her sister, Amy Slayton. While both sisters weigh over 1,000 pounds combined, Tammy struggles the most with her unhealthy lifestyle. She went from 605 pounds in her debut to 717 pounds in season 3, while Amy went from 400 pounds to 275 pounds in two seasons. Therefore, viewers are concerned about the health of the sister, especially considering her eating habits and health issues.

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1000 lb sister pack Tammy Slaton has changed her life over the past few months, and she's done something incredible. After losing a lot of weight, she underwent sleeve stomach surgery, losing more than 300 pounds in the process. Recently, Tammy shared a few photos of herself on her Instagram profile, showing how far she's come since her weight-loss surgery.

In the photo, 1000 lb sister The star showed off some close-up selfies of herself, highlighting her new slim face and toned shoulders. Tammy, who previously did not have a sharp jawline, now displays a prominent jaw and angular facial contours.

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1,000 Pound Sisters Viewers React to Tammy Slaton's Weight Loss

1,000-pound sister Tammy Slaton smiles in wedding dress holding flowers

Fans in the comments were overjoyed to see Tammy's health progress and showered her with lots of love. One Instagram user wrote, “Omg Tammy, you look amazing! No more trach,” added 1000 lb sister The star did it and made everyone proud of her. Another user commented, “We all know you can do this with the right help,” And congratulations to Tammy on her new life. It was also admitted that the popular TLC star showed what she could do, adding, “Have to admit Tammy, you proved a lot of us wrong. Go all the way and keep it up!”

Tammy's weight loss transformation is really inspirational and surprising. She battled a number of weight issues, including Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome. Still, she continued to drink alcohol alongside fast food each week. The situation was so dire that Tammy's family even discussed making final arrangements for her, believing she would not survive five years. Fortunately, Tammy repaired it all after the carbon monoxide poisoning incident in 2021, which opened her eyes. She joined a food addiction program, quit all unhealthy eating habits, achieved the weight needed for surgery, and married the man of her dreams.

During the show's time, Tammy gained the title of reality TV villain for various reasons. She blamed fans and her sister Amy for her failures and was blamed for losing her temper for no reason. Tammy also showed a lack of motivation to change her life and made poor dating choices frequently. But her latest physical transformation proves she's come a long way. Tammy has lost nearly 300 pounds and tied the knot with a man who truly loves her.this 1000 lb sister The star is likely to shed her villain title after her new weight-loss feat.

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